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Summer school on democracy

Summer School on Democracy: Media, Information Literacy and Populism 

17 – 28. June 2018, Wrocław, Poland.

 This edition will be supported by the Academy of Europe and European Commission Regional Representation. 

In modern society media play a role that is hard to overstate. A lot of people are equipped with coveted Internet-enabled devices that provide unlimited access to information. In the aftermath of swift development of new technologies and the Internet information Literacy has become a very important tool to combat numerous threats of digital era. The meaning of media has changed dramatically, and processes of accruing knowledge have new traits. Understanding of current media and information knotty issues makes possible to unfold modern media functions and dire consequences it might have. The ability to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use information has become one of the most crucial skills in private, professional and social life. Information Literacy is highly demanded skill. It helps both common people and professionals to find and sift information. It facilitates critical understanding of media content. It urges us to do our due diligence in creating our own media content which is necessary as we deal with Growing interactivity and progressive media convergence. Information Literacy is pivotal in boosting civic activity and development of free, independent and pluralistic media. The ability to find and verify information has particularly significant meaning when distributed through various channels, including social media, on a mass scale fake news jeopardize stability of democracies and undermine existing values. Well-honed skills of using media and information can offer much resistance and help to stand up to threats. Information literacy aims at making communication more effective in public sphere. It strengthens the position of citizens as recipients of the media and fully-fledged participants of political communication processes.

Detailed programme is published here Participation: CEEPUS Students: free of charge (with CEEPUS scholarship the organiser will provide the participants with lectures, seminars, the cost of dormitories, meals and cultural programme) Other Applicants: 450 euro. The fee includes participation in lectures, seminars, the cost of dormitories, meals and cultural programme. Applicants are supposed to send their cv and motivation letter to: till 15/04/2018


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